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If you operate or work at a small to medium sized business, then you know that having a safe and reliable business Internet connection is just as important as having a working phone system, or even electricity.

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses would tout their online portals, showing them off as a sign of how forward thinking that business was. Now, if you don’t have an Internet connection, you are already lagging way, way behind. And if you deal with customer information online, then you probably know there is no easier way to lose that customer’s trust than by having connectivity issues.

Imagine a customer sending personal information to a business, and that business isn’t able to receive it – or worse yet, there is an error while sending it and the customer isn’t sure if it went through at all. Even the most loyal customer would probably have some doubts about that business.

And that’s not even considering the crippling effect a loss of Internet access may have on the business itself; from communications to processing data to backing up work, businesses need a reliable Internet connection.

The smart businesses though, they have two.

When it comes to reliable business Internet, two is better than one

For years now, business and technology experts have been preaching the value of businesses not just having a reliable business Internet connection, but having a redundant business Internet connection as well.

Think of it like a backup generator. Maybe you can afford to lose connectivity for a length of time, but why would you want to when a solution is easy to arrange, and the cost is low enough that it is well worth it?

The trick in selecting a second Internet provider is to differentiate the type of service. You wouldn’t want to pay for two connections that use the same method. If something happens that effects one, it may very well effect both.

So if you are looking for a reliable alternative to the most common form of high-speed Internet – fiber optics – consider fixed wireless Internet.

All your eggs

reliable business Internet

Not long ago, we posted a lengthy argument in favor of fixed wireless over fiber optic lines. Fixed wireless is in many cases faster, easier to install, and requires less maintenance.

For many businesses, a combination of fiber optics and fixed wireless is the smartest way to go.

Putting aside the speed argument for the moment, having both fixed wireless and fiber is an excellent way to ensure that your business will remain connected no matter what. Fixed wireless uses a different method of delivery, which means that if something affects a fiber line, it probably won’t affect the fixed wireless connection.

Maybe your office is located in a major city that is experiencing significant growth. Portland, for example, has one of the fastest growing tech sectors in the country. That means the city’s infrastructure is always being changed and upgraded.

If the city decides to make improvements on a street corner, it may cause issues for any nearby fiber cables. All it takes is one stray jackhammer to cause a lengthy outage.

That is more of a worst-case scenario though. A more practical concern is the lack of dedicated service.

When you agree to an Internet package and a certain speed, you are typically agreeing to “up to” that speed. The more people using that same fiber optic line, however, the slower that connection will go. There are some providers that offer dedicated lines, but they are somewhat rare, and are often cost-prohibitive. Plus, if it fails or goes down, you’re right back to square one.

Depending on the plan you chose, that business may find itself in a position where you don’t have enough bandwidth of speed to complete a certain task or tasks at once. Maybe it needs to do a full backup while also accepting customer info. If others on that same, non-dedicated line are also doing several things at once, there may be significant slowdowns – to the point that the process fails.

Supplementing your connection with a backup will ensure you are always in a good position.


While having a redundant business Internet connection is a good move for any business that deals with customer information online, it is also important for any business that stores data of any kind – in other words, almost all of them.

If a business suddenly loses all Internet access, it may lose a huge amount of data with it. Having a redundant business Internet can ensure that there is time to back everything up.

Ease of installation

reliable business Internet

While fiber optics need wires to be laid – a costly and time consuming effort that often requires the consent of the city – fixed wireless can be installed with minimal fuss.

In most cases, installing a fixed wireless connection is as simple as installing a dish to the roof of a building. If you need more, the entire building can be wired as well. That obviously takes a little more work (and the approval of the building owner), but it’s far easier than digging up the streets to install new fiber lines. It also means less maintenance on existing lines.

If you are in Portland, you may already have a fixed wireless connection available to you. Just drop us a line and we can check. If not, we’re happy to speak with the building managers to see if that is an option.

With a wired building, fixed wireless services like ours can offer incredible speeds – even up to 1 Gigabit.

Other options for redundant business Internet

reliable business Internet

Although we highly recommend fixed wireless Internet, it may not be available to everyone, especially anyone that is running a business in a somewhat remote location.

In the past, that wasn’t even really an option if you needed to be connected online, but that has changed. Technology has connected us in ways many never thought possible, and it is only getting better.

If you are running a business in a remote location where your choices regarding Internet access are limited, and a redundant business Internet service might seem implausible. But you have options. Contact us regarding Satellite Internet, and we’d be happy to go over how we can help make sure your business remains connected, no matter where you are.


Whether you need a reliable business Internet backup to take over all Internet duties or just one to fill in the gaps, we have several options for small to medium sized businesses. The pricing is also very competitive, and in many cases better than the competition.

As anyone that runs a business can tell you, keeping operating expenses down is vital. The only question is which is going to be more costly in the long-run: an additional monthly service fee that is tailored to your needs, or the loss of business from losing a connection online.

Contact our sales team and we’d be happy to highlight how we can help .

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