Stephouse Expands Coverage to over 250K Possible Customers in Portland

Stephouse expands coverage to up to 258,000 potential customers over 80 square miles in SE Portland thanks to the activation of the new Mt. Scott tower

Earlier this week, Stephouse Networks activated a new signal tower on Mt. Scott in SE Portland. Using the latest MU-MIMO radio technology from Mimosa Networks, Stephouse is now able to broadcast a signal throughout the region, expanding its coverage significantly. The Portland-based ISP is now able to offer service to up to 258,000 new potential customers over 80 square miles of previously unserviced area.

The Mt. Scott tower joins a network of Stephouse towers and transmitters located throughout the Portland metro area and into southwestern Washington State. Like the others, the newest tower beams an internet signal directly to a receptor at a residential or commercial location. That, in turn, provides high-speed internet to customers, with speeds ranging from 25MBps up to 1Gigabit.

Stephouse’s expansion into SE Portland comes as a result of countless requests from local residents. Work on the tower has taken nearly a year to complete, and installations in the area will begin within the next week.

“Our goal has always been to expand throughout Portland, but we wanted to make sure we could offer our customers service they could rely on, not just expand for the sake of expansion,” said Tyler Booth, founder and president of Stephouse. “We’ve been working on this for nearly a year now, and we’re excited to get to work.”

While the new tower expands Stephouse’s coverage to a huge new potential audience, it won’t change anything in the way it does business. Stephouse does not include infrastructure fees in its bills, nor any other hidden charges. What you see is what you pay without exception.

The addition of the new tower also doesn’t change anything in regards to Stephouse’s rules regarding its customer’s privacy and security. Earlier this year, Stephouse signed the ISP Privacy Pledge, vowing to protect the data and rights of its customers, and nothing has changed in that regard.

We will also continue to offer our referral plan to all existing customers. So if you know anyone in SE Portland looking for high-speed internet service, refer them to Stephouse. They could end up with excellent and reliable internet, you will receive an account credit.

Potential customers are encouraged to contact Stephouse to see what services are available to them.

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12 Responses to Stephouse Expands Coverage to over 250K Potential Customers in Portland

  1. Jake says:

    Does this new tower add another 80 square miles of coverage area, or does it give you a total 80 square miles of coverage? I live right on the other side of Mt. Scott in Happy Valley but your website still says I’m not eligible for your service.

    • Ryan Fleming says:

      Hi Jake – Sorry for any confusion, the new tower adds 80 square miles of additional coverage. We updated the article to clarify.
      As for your address, please drop us a line – phone is a little faster but email works too – and we’ll be happy to check your location.

  2. Brian says:

    I’m living on Mt Scott. Would like info on your services for faster internet.

    • Ryan Fleming says:

      Hey Brian,
      We’d be happy to check for you. Just drop us a line – email or phone – and we’ll see what your options are!

    • Katy Conlon says:

      Please contact us (you can do so through the website or over the phone) and provide us with your full physical address so we can determine whether or not you are within our coverage area.

      Thank You,
      Stephouse Networks

  3. Steve Pappy O'Curran says:

    Stephouse, Hey an early thank you ! , we’ve needed a change in Portland for awhile ,were being held captive by cable “X” example oh no you can’t have that unlease your Premiere! Oh yea, and your going to pay close to $200.00 a month! !! Bad News anyway you slice it with WiFi thrown in.

  4. D Meier says:

    I saw this article last week and figured I might be covered now (Woodstock area), but the email check that I did said I was still outside of the coverage area. Just wondering if the coverage check had been updated to include the new area. Am I still out of luck? Also, a map would be helpful.

  5. Luke D says:

    I can see Mt Scott towers 7 miles off from my house in the SW but I’m at 850ft elevation. How does cloud cover, haze, and precipitation impact the microwave service at that distance?

    I’m stuck on a CenturyLink 1G fiber for two years—6 weeks ago my address had no Stephouse service and no one mentioned that it was possibly coming very soon :-/ —but I’m ready to switch at a moments notice once my contract is up (or my bill goes haywire).

    • Ryan Fleming says:

      Good questions. Environmental issues shouldn’t really have any effect on the wireless transmission. As for the distance, microwave transmissions can go a long, long way, but to confirm we’ll need to come out and do a test to confirm signal strength and see what service options are available to you – it’s hard to be specific in comments 🙂

      Please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to see what we can do!

  6. Dave Wise says:

    Wake me when you cover the St. Helens area.

  7. Michael says:

    Ha! What a load ‘o crap. We’re on Mt Scott and this is the response I got today from the “Stephouse Team”:

    ‘You recently contacted Stephouse Networks to see if Internet service was available at the address:
    …. SE 118th .. Portland, OR 97266
    Thank you for your interest in Stephouse Networks high-speed internet services.
    Unfortunately, we currently do not offer our services in your area at this time.’

    Where is this mystery 80 sq mi area of SE Portland? They won’t provide a map either!

  8. David M says:

    I don’t understand why there is no coverage map. You always make a coverage map showing the potential areas that you can cover. I understand this is microwave and buildings and trees and mountains will all play into weather or not you can get a line of sight connection to the tower. I worked Communications for years with the City of Los Angeles and in the Air Force. I’m in a remote part of Vancouver but there are few things between me and portland. I sent a message and we will see.

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