“What’s the installation fee for?”
It’s not some crazy markup that we decided to include on a whim. This is the cost of labor and goods to implement the service receiver.

But before that happens, our technician will be straightforward with you about your signal strength and which internet speeds to expect. Remember: you have every right to turn us down if it’s not a good fit. Our goal is to provide a usable, enjoyable internet connection to our customers.

Whenever a new customer calls us, we have a brief chat with them about our service and what they should expect. It’s not that we’re trying to talk your ear off just to get a sale. We want to make sure that our customers find the service that fits their needs and that we’re able to provide it.

Once agreeing upon a surveying and installation, you agree to pay the non-refundable installation fee, which is due along with your first month’s payment once service begins.

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