So, let’s say that we’ve installed our receiver onto your home sweet home. Awesome! Welcome aboard!

You should expect a cable to run from the antenna on the roof into your home or office. A power-over-ethernet (POE) adapter will power that antenna. If you’re in one of our subscribed buildings (one that is pre-wired and setup), you’ll just get a cable directly from our equipment.

The receiver needs power in order to receive our incoming signal. If unplugged, the antenna can’t send or receive data.

This is a Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter. It powers and delivers internet access to our customers.
Be sure to take care of this little guy.

There are three cables that plug into this POE adapter:

  • A network cable from the wall, which is from the antenna, goes into the POE port.
  • The LAN network cable from the adapter to whatever device you choose will grant it access to our service.
  • The power cable powers the device once you plug it into an outlet.


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