When we begin to provide service to you, we’ll install what’s called a wireless receiver. A wireless receiver looks a lot like a satellite dish, the kind that people have on the side of their home when they get satellite TV.

But unlike a satellite dish, our signal doesn’t come from space; it comes from one of our antennas located around the region.

Because our signal comes from such a nearby location, it’s important that our receivers have a clear line of sight from your home to our antenna. If any trees, buildings, or other obstacles get in the way, that will degrade the signal.

Once our field technicians have your wireless receiver properly installed and aligned, a cable will run down from the receiver into your building, where it connects to a little black box called a power over ethernet (POE) injector (you can read more about that here). That little black box powers the wireless receiver, as well as providing you a place to plug in to the internet.

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