How it works

This is how the Northwest's high-speed wireless internet service provider works

Stephouse Networks provides high-speed internet wirelessly to our communities

Fast Reliable Wireless Broadband Delivered Quickly To Your Home Or Office

We deploy service quickly and affordably to provide all kinds of customers with high-speed internet access.
Getting started is simple: Contact us to see if you’re within range and schedule an appointment.

Taking a Closer Look

The Stephouse Networks team enjoys teaching community members about “how it works.” We want our customers to know all about the Internet services that they’ll purchase. We want customers to identify the many benefits of wireless high-speed Internet services and know exactly what they are paying for. We believe that our service is an affordable way to get high-speed internet from a trusted, local network, and we hope our customers feel the same.

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Case Studies

Here are some examples of Stephouse Networks services in action:

Case Studies

Once you get to know wireless internet service and our products a little better, we’d love for you to shop our different plans and services.

Residential Internet Provider


High-speed internet for home: stream movies, play games, social media.
Read more.

Internet Provider for Events in Portland


Reliable, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi for your next big event.

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