What We Do

We provide high-speed internet services to our Northwest communities

Stephouse Networks invests in the latest Internet technologies and into people from our communities. We provide blazing-fast Internet service, and we share the same values as our customers.

We pride ourselves on listening to the community. Our team dedicates time towards providing a much more personal, local kind of Internet service than the big brands.

The big secret: There’s really no difference between Internet service provided by massive corporations and ours – it’s just how you serve it to the people.

Our goal isn’t to sell bundles, change pricing, or stick people with long-term contracts. It’s to listen to what our customers want, and build a better network for them. That empowers us to continue to provide top-notch services.

Stephouse Networks provides high-speed internet services:

this is what we do

Residential Internet Provider


High-speed internet for home: stream movies, play games, listen to broadcasts, social media.
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Internet Provider for Events in Portland


Reliable, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi for your next big event.

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