Portland’s trusted enterprise high-speed internet service provider.

High-speed, dedicated internet access that scales with your operations and growth.

A trusted technology.

Microwave internet services are proven solutions in the finance, healthcare, and software development industries, providing reliable, competitive internet access speeds to drive innovation and maximize data efficiency.

Stellar throughput. Unmatched redundancy.

Stephouse Networks invests in the latest microwave technology and innovative network solutions to provide internet speeds as fast as, or better than, traditional carriers on a reliable, redundant network.

Microwave solutions avoid traditional wire-line issues.

Microwave services typically require lower upfront costs and installation times than traditional cable, DSL, or fiber internet services. No need to tear up your property in order to install or upkeep services.

24/7 support, 99.999% uptime.

Our Portland-based staff monitors our dedicated accounts to provide near-perfect uptime while delivering the great customer services we’ve been known to have over the last decade.

Avoid service outages with microwave.

Microwave services are immune to common wire-line outage situations, such as road construction scenarios, road maintenance, fallen power lines, and other unforeseen circumstances.

State-of-the-art operations center.

Stephouse Networks bases operations out of two of Portland’s premiere data centers in the heart of Downtown—well-equipped with hazard-class data and power redundancy and diverse paths to the internet.

We’re a trusted, proven enterprise high-speed internet solution:

Reliable, high-throughput internet connectivity tackles any enterprise challenge.

Stephouse Networks deploys dedicated, high-speed internet connectivity for urban or industrial scenarios. Depend on us to provide solid primary network access, or rely on our services as a backup connection alongside your current internet access.