Broadband consumer disclosure high-speed residential service plan

Price/Commercial Terms

Monthly Charge – StandaloneMonth-to-MonthTerm Contract
Plan 1: Up to 25 Mbps download/ 5 Mbps upload$49n/a
Plan 2: Up to 100 Mbps download/ 20 Mbps Upload$59n/a
Plan 3: Up to 1 Gbps download/ 1 Gbps upload$69n/a
Plan 4: Up to 1 Mbps download/ 512 Kbps upload$19.99n/a
Plan 5: Up to 3 Mbps download/ 768 Kbps upload$35n/a
Plan 6: Up to 6 Mbps download/ 1 Mbps upload$45n/a
Plan 7: Up to 10 Mbps download/ 1.5 Mbps upload$55n/a
Plan 8: Up to 15 Mbps download/ 2 Mbps upload$65n/a
Plan 9: Up to 20 Mbps download/ 3 Mbps upload$75n/a 

Additional pricing options and promotions, including bundles, can be found here.

Other Charges & Terms

Monthly Data Allowance

PlanData Allowance
Plan 1Unlimited
Plan 2Unlimited
Plan 3Unlimited
Plan 4Unlimited
Plan 5Unlimited
Plan 6Unlimited
Plan 7Unlimited
Plan 8Unlimited
Plan 9Unlimited

Overage Charges

PlanOverage Charge
Plan 1n/a
Plan 2n/a
Plan 3n/a
Plan 4n/a
Plan 5n/a
Plan 6n/a
Plan 7n/a
Plan 8n/a
Plan 9n/a 

Equipment Fees

Customers need to use our equipment, but Stephouse will never charge any fees.


Monthly rental fees for any equipment available for rent:

Wireless broadband receiverNo charge- all plans
DSL ModemNo charge- all plans

Other Monthly Fees

PlanFee Type and AmountFee Type and Amount
Plan 1Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 2Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 3Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 4Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 5Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 6Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a
Plan 7Regulatory Recovery Fees:n/a

Government taxes and other government-related fees may apply

One-time fees

Installation Fee – (Where applicable) $99

Service Move Fee (Where applicable) $75

Additional IP addresses available for purchase at $5/mo.

Early termination fee (ETF)



Average Speed: The average download and upload speeds are consistently at 80-percent of the stated speed, or better.

PlanAverage Speed DownAverage Speed Up
Plan 1 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 2 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 3 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 4 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 5 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 6 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 7 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 8 80% of stated 80% of stated
Plan 9 80% of stated 80% of stated

Average Latency: In all cases, the average latency is less and 200 ms

PlanAverage Latency
Plan 1 < 200 ms
Plan 2 < 200 ms
Plan 3 < 200 ms
Plan 4 < 200 ms
Plan 5 < 200 ms
Plan 6 < 200 ms
Plan 7 < 200 ms
Plan 8 < 200 ms
Plan 9 < 200 ms

Average Packet Loss: In all cases, it is less than 1-percent.

PlanAverage Packet Loss
Plan 1 < 1%
Plan 2 < 1%
Plan 3 < 1%
Plan 4 < 1%
Plan 5 < 1%
Plan 6 < 1%
Plan 7 < 1%
Plan 8 < 1%
Plan 9 < 1%


Network Management

Link to company’s detailed Network Practices Disclosure

Link to company’s detailed Privacy Policy



Customer Service Webpage

Phone number: 503-548-2000

Office Hours: 9am to 5pm

Supports Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

FCC Notice

Link to FCC site explaining terms used and the Open Internet Order items relevant to consumers

If a Customer believes that Stephouse is not complying with the FCC’s rules, the Customer may file an informal complaint with the FCC. The FCC urges Customers to submit any complaints via its website at the following address: Customers may also file formal complaints with the FCC pursuant to Part 76 of the FCC’s rules.

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