Stephouse Networks outfitted the Keller Auditorium with heavy duty Wi-Fi gear.

TEDxPortland featured live streaming and Event Wi-Fi for up to 2800 people.

Stephouse Networks outfitted our client with heavy duty Wi-Fi gear.

TEDxPortland 2014: “Perfect”

The TEDxPortland team curated a collection of successful entrepreneurs and professionals who talked about their journeys toward success and how those roads and stories are far from “Perfect.” Their crew, presenters, and attendees filled Portland’s Keller Auditorium (a venue with a capacity of near 3000).

The Stephouse Networks team had the mission of creating a Wi-Fi network that could handle live stream and social media traffic for the event.


Your typical router won’t cut it here.

The Keller Auditorium is one of Portland’s key theaters and stages. The beautiful structure is nearly 100 years old with a long history of various remodeling projects.

Like many sports arenas and stadiums, it has architectural attributes (like its vast size, tall ceilings, and concrete walls) that make conventional (Cable, DSL) internet and Wi-Fi deployment a challenge.

Our Solution:

Stephouse Networks deployed a wireless high-speed internet link to the venue that fed a custom network of Access Points (APs). These APs broadcasted a public network for TEDxPortland attendees to connect to their favorite social media networks to talk about the event.

Watch all of the live stream content provided by Really Big Video and LiveStream.

We hooked up a special circuit for the video streaming crew (Really Big Video of Portland) to live stream the event to the internet.

Some Key Stats:

Stephouse Networks connected 1131 unique devices, almost 800 simultaneous data connections, and transferred about 70 gigabits of data.