Stephouse Networks News: March 2014

Spring is here. The Northwest is looking quite fine this time of the year. Yes, even through the massive rain storms.

Here’s a quick recap as to what your favorite local high-speed internet service provider has been up to. The office is full of excitement as we get ready to tackle the rest of the year after a great quarter.

One For the Books

This first chunk of 2014 has been a record-breaking quarter at Stephouse Networks. Once again, we extend our thanks to our supportive local communities. Please know that we’ll keep on building a strong internet network for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Thank you to our community members who took a moment to fill out our recent survey. That information is very important to us. Your honest feedback gives us food for thought as we continue to schedule support, service, and network improvements throughout the year.

Blazing New Trails

Stephouse Networks had the honor of providing high-speed event Wi-Fi for Pioneer Nation. This conference focused on empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to blaze new trails within their industries. If you attended, we hope you had a great time. Yee haw!

We’re seeing a surge in our Events business during the winter months. The busy season is typically summertime, but we fully embrace the chance to show the tech and web community our Event Wi-Fi skills.

Cutting the Cord

Our recent blog post about setting up internet-only entertainment for households was a hit on our social communities. We appreciated everyone’s feedback and suggestions as to how to create a cable-less household.

We understand that cutting out cable is not for everyone. Considering the topic’s popularity, our team is at work towards creating a handy guide for people interested in getting rid of their cable bill. We’ll send this out to our social networks sometime this month.

We’re Here For YOU

Please let us know if you’re ever having any issues with your connection. Sometimes we’ll have customers tell us that they’ve noticed issues for weeks or longer, but didn’t want to let us know.

We always welcome emails and calls for support. Any questions is a great question. We likely have many answers for you.

Remember: it’s our mission to provide the best internet and customer services that we can.

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