Things are looking up: Satellite Internet arrives in – and above – the Pacific Northwest
Satellite Antenna

Things are looking up: Satellite Internet arrives in – and above – the Pacific Northwest

Stephouse Networks is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Satellite Internet throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We’re fast approaching the point where Internet is not just a convenience, but for many of us it’s a necessity. People no longer hop online just to check email or read the news, for many of us the Internet is how we do business, it’s how we stay in touch with family and friends.

The down side to that, of course, is that you must first be able to connect to the Internet. For some of us, that’s easier said than done.

Unlike other utilities, connecting to the Internet isn’t something you can find a work around for. There is no generator you can power up, and you can’t dig your own connection. You need to be able to receive a steady signal, and for those living in somewhat remote areas, that can be tough – especially if you want high-speeds.

That’s where our partnership with ViaSat comes in. Stephouse can now offer Satellite Internet to nearly everyone in the Pacific Northwest. And not just bare bones Internet, but high-speed Internet with speeds of 12-15 Mbps, and data plans ranging between 10 and 30 GBs per month. We can also service both residential and business customers.

At those speeds, you will be able to stream video, access most (if not all content) on the web, and even participate in video conferencing around the world.

Here’s how it works:

A signal is sent from a terrestrially-based, remotely operated Gateway Earth Station to a High Capacity Spot Beam Satellite in orbit. From there a signal is then sent to Subscriber Terminals located at the residence or business.

Satellite service isn’t for everyone, but if you are a remote user that can’t connect through traditional DSL, Cable Internet, fiber optics, or fixed wireless, it may be exactly what you are looking for.

Contact our sales team to see if Satellite Internet is right for you.

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