Stephouse Networks News: April 2014

Our clients and community tested some of Stephouse Networks’ capabilities to the limit this month and we were more than happy to meet the challenges. Throughout April, we learned new ways to improve the customer internet experience in both our wireless and Event services.

Researching Ways to Take Services Further

There’s no doubt that the amount of entertainment and news available to us by mobile has changed our viewing habits. Having a basic internet connection to simply “check email and read the news” feels limiting with today’s content and data consumption.

Fixed-Wireless Internet Radio AlignmentEvery setup represents hours of care and dedication from our field, technical, and support staff.

Stephouse Networks recognize this change in consumer expectations. You’ve let us know through our quarterly surveys and we read the ongoing discussions on social media about internet speed (and privacy) requirements. We’re are working on infrastructure improvements across both our Residential and Business plans and have deployed some new service testbeds.

The more we test these new plans, the more we learn how to provide these new services efficiently and effectively to our community. We thank you for your loyalty and patience for now.

Taking Event Services to New Levels

TedX Event Internet PortlandHere’s a peek at our crew’s perspective during setup of TEDxPortland.

Stephouse Networks had the opportunity to test the breadth and depth of our Event services this month. With TEDxPortland 2014, we pushed our custom Wi-Fi links to serve nearly 3000 people during the annual Portland event. The NW Dance Project’s live High-Def pop-up projection of a Newmark Theater show demonstrated the reliability and speed of a custom Stephouse Networks wireless link.

We added these two cases to our How It Works page for current and new customers to learn more about what we provide and check out some authentic stories of our services at work.

Your Feedback is Important

All of this progress would not be possible if it weren’t for our loyal Northwest communities. Your feedback gives us plenty of insight into how we can improve our company across Account Services, Customer Support, Internet Services, and the overall Customer Experience.

We hope that our recent upgrades and achievements reflect our responsiveness to our customers’ perspectives. Our team continues to build and grow the Northwest’s local, high-speed internet service using your help.

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