Stephouse Networks announces peering with Netflix.

Stephouse Networks announces peering with Netflix.


The Stephouse Networks team is proud to announce that we are now peering with Netflix’s content servers. This is great news for our community members who enjoy streaming content using the Netflix service.

A quick description of peering:

In a nutshell, peering is when one network directly connects to another to provide a direct route for information. There are no intermediary hops between the source of data and its destination.

In the case of our recent peering with Netflix, Stephouse Networks now has a direct connection to Netflix servers for quicker delivery of streaming video content to customers on our network.

This is great news for our customers.

Our connection with Netflix is part of a series of network improvements that we have been working on since earlier this autumn. Peering is a common practice done by many networks connected by the internet to aid in the sending and receiving of traffic.

The benefit of this peering means that streaming content from the Netflix service will be much faster for our customers. However, our customers are still limited by the current plan that they subscribe to. For example, if you have our 6Mbps plan, you’re still downloading at up to 6Mbps.

For instance, let’s say that we don’t have peering with Streaming Video Provider A (SVPA). When a customer accesses content from SVPA, they are at the whim of accessing SVPA through the vast internet, running into all kinds of data obstacles and traffic (like other people accessing the same services).

Accessing Netflix’s content is much faster now if you’re a Stephouse Networks customer. It’s kind of like a having a shortcut to Netflix’s goodies.

We’re doing our best to improve our network as 2013 comes to an end.

Our research shows that many of our community members enjoy streaming their favorite TV shows and movies using services like Netflix. We sought out this peering connection to improve our community’s video streaming experience.

As the year comes to an end, we’re working hard to identify more ways to improve how our communities use our high-speed internet service and strive to discover how to enhance the entire “Stephouse experience.” If there’s something specific that comes to mind that can help us with this mission, please feel free to let us know in the comments below, or to reach out to us by email or phone as well.

Please have a safe and fun rest of this holiday season. Take care!

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