Stephouse Networks News: May 2013

We’re gearing into a very busy summer season here at Stephouse Networks. Our team is growing and we’re doing our best to tackle some of our major network issues as well as expand our outreach into more parts of the community.

Hey, Stephouse! When are you going to have service in my area?

For those of you waiting on us, remember– once we’re in your neighborhood, we’re going to reach out to every contact who shows interest in our service in that given area. We want to provide you with local high-speed internet as much you want it. So, hang tight!

What do you do when 900 people want High-Speed Event Wi-Fi and internet service?

You provide it flawlessly, of course!

Stephouse Networks provided high-speed event internet and Wi-Fi for TEDxPortland back on April 27th, 2013. Nine hundred people had the ability to connect to the high-speed Wi-Fi setup at the Portland Art Museum to connect to their favorite social network, upload content, and digitally enjoy the event.

The live-stream for the event also used the connectivity to upload every exciting bit of the event onto the internet.

This ain’t no cafe Wi-Fi either. Our high-speed event Wi-Fi and internet services delight many of our happy clients, year after year. Get in touch if you have a big tech event coming up– we’d love to help.

Help us shape the way we support you on the web.

Many of you have told us what you think about our new website. If you didn’t know, a lot of its design comes from recommendations, needs and Q&A from our community. We’re proud of the new web tool that serves not just shoppers and our newer customers, but also our loyal community members as well.

The next step is to improve our web technical support content. We’ve got some plans in the works, but I’d love to hear from you, our loyal internet users, as to which topics we can provide for you all to improve the Stephouse experience.

Feel free to contact us, leave a comment below, or give the office a call during business hours: 503.548.2000.

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