Stephouse Networks News: September 2013

Welcome to Fall. As the Northwest shifts its gears from 75 and sunny into TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR MODE, don’t worry– unlike satellite and cellular providers, wirelessly deployed high-speed internet service like ours won’t feel a thing from the inclement weather. Well, unless a branch off a nearby tree comes crashing down onto our equipment, knocking it out of alignment.

If that’s the case, just let our responsive, local crew know and we’ll be out there to fix things as soon as we can. You can get a hold of us at, or at 503-548-2000. That’s the best part about being your local high-speed internet service provider– we can help you out immediately just like a caring neighbor would.

September brought the crew record rainfall to work through, but also some great opportunities to help some iconic Portland events and businesses.

High-speed Event Wi-Fi for XOXO.

Stephouse Networks had the chance to work with XOXO Festival for its second annual disruptive technology/music/gaming/anything conference here in Portland. We provided high-speed Event Wi-Fi access that allowed attendees to connect to chat, tweet, like, plus, email, Vine, and blog to their heart’s content.

Andy Baio, founder of XOXO and local innovator, had some kind words for us after the event:

“…Stephouse made sure our wifi was always up, reliable, and fast as hell, even with 700 geeks hammering it from multiple devices — better than any of the 100+ conferences I’ve attended.”

Thanks for trusting in our high-speed Event Wi-Fi, Andy. We’re glad to have had the chance to serve XOXO 2013.

It’s GAME ON with Ground Kontrol.

We signed on the iconic Portland “barcade,” Ground Kontrol, onto our roster of happy business clients. It’ll be our goal to provide stellar high-speed internet services for the GroundKontrol staff to tackle their day-to-day needs. You might find some Stephouse Networks crew members hanging out there… you know… for network testing and quality assurance. …Not at all to relive 80’s kid arcade dreams while enjoying a great brew.

The hot teas and sweaters return to our office here in Downtown Portland. We’ll be here as usual, cranking away, delivering you the best high-speed internet and customer service that we can into this rainy Fall.

Until next time.

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