Stephouse Networks News: August 2013

As summer has been winding down over the month of August, we here at Stephouse have been busy as ever expanding and improving service for our customers, and providing Wi-Fi for events and conferences around the region.

Here’s what we were up to in August:

Wordcamp PDX

All over the world, people celebrate the popular WordPress blogging platform with events called Wordcamp. Wordcamps are local, grassroots events that teach and energize WordPress users and developers to get out there and create.

Wordcamp PDX celebrated its sixth year in 2013, and Stephouse has been thankful to provide Wordcamp PDX with event Wi-Fi for several years running.

Goose Hill

The month of August brought with it the long-awaited completion of our latest tower site at Goose Hill in Woodland. Our tower crew climbed Goose Hill in early August, adding on additional antennas to our Woodland network.

View from a fixed wireless antenna tower
Don’t look down!
impressive view 
The view of Woodland from our Goose Hill tower.

This new tower will be providing high-speed internet service for new customers in the Woodland area, along with improved service for some existing customers.

We’re already excited for our plans for September. Not only are we thrilled to be providing event Wi-Fi for a local Portland festival, but during the month of September we’ll be sending out customer surveys to find out how we can better serve our customers.

So if you’re a Stephouse customer, keep an eye on your inbox for our survey and other exciting things to come!

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