Stephouse Networks News: June 2013

Summer is a crazy-busy time for Stephouse Networks as it brings fantastic weather for our team to build upon and improve our high-speed wireless network for our Northwest communities. Improving the network when we get the chance, and the weather conditions to do so, is a no-brainer.

It’s an effort we’re always willing to do in return for the last decade of support from our communities. We definitely appreciate it.

Here’s a bit of what’s been going on as of June 2013.

Open Source Citizens enjoyed Stephouse’s Event Wi-Fi.

Open Source Bridge

We had the opportunity to serve blazing-fast Event Wi-Fi for hundreds of the world’s open source citizens at Open Source Bridge 2013 over at the Elliot Center in Downtown Portland. One of the most fun things we get to do for OSB is provide killer Wi-Fi for their Hacker Lounge, a place where open source citizens gather to collaborate, communicate, and build great things during or between sessions.

If you aren’t too familiar with high-speed Event Wi-Fi, imagine the Wi-Fi at your favorite café or hangout spot. Sometimes it can be a drag—super slow and bogged down by all of the people on it.

Organizations, like OSB, hire us to set up reliable, fast networks so no one has to experience that “horrible café Wi-Fi” feeling when they’re at their favorite tech event, marketing event, or conference.

If open source development and principles are your thing, you’ll definitely want to find a way to join this friendly community and its enriching annual event. Ridiuclously Early Bird pricing is available for the Open Source Bridge 2014 session—check it out.

Did you know that Stephouse Networks provides enterprise-level internet service?

dedicated internet


We may be a local crew, but we’re big-business-serious when it comes to delivering bandwidth to empower your enterprise. Portland businesses like the Hilton, NW Academy, and Rumblefish Sonic Licensing choose our dedicated wireless connectivity to keep them connected to the web.

Dedicated, wireless connections are also a great option as backup lines for your software development teams, digital marketing firms, or media-rich business. Even the wired guys can get bogged down with how much action there can be on the web. A wireless backup keeps your business connected when outages happen—no productivity loss, no sweat.

We relaunched our Enterprise webpage to inform the Northwest that we’re dedicated when it comes to, well… dedicated high-speed internet!

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