Stephouse Networks News: November 2013

cold-pdxAs Thanksgiving passed by and temperatures plummeted in early December, we’ve been keeping warm by working on the network during the month of November here at Stephouse Networks.

During November, we had the pleasure of providing high-speed Event Wi-fi and made some upgrades to our network infrastructure (which I know everyone will love). With our recent infrastructure upgrades, we thought that we’d also recap our referral program.

DevOps Days was a success!

We had the privilege of providing high-speed Event Wi-fi for DevOps Days, a conference in Portland focusing on the collaboration in development and operations in the software world.

Over the course of two days, we supported the conference in connecting with around 200 very tech-savvy attendees. This is a challenge that we enjoy: setting up high-performance Wi-Fi networks for tech conferences around the Portland area.

Infrastructure Upgrades for our communities.

We recently made some infrastructure improvements to our network that affect both the St. John’s and Woodland area, increasing our capacity, coverage, and bandwidth.

We’ve been reaching out to our current customers to provide service upgrades and to people who have contacted us in the past interested in service.

If you are in either of those areas and would like to see if these upgrades affect you, email us at or call (503) 548-2000 any time during normal business hours.

Take advantage of our Referral Program.

In the midst of all of our expansion and infrastructure upgrades, we though that it would be a good time to remind people of our referral program. You can read all about it here, but let me give you the Cliff’s Notes version:

If you refer somebody to our service and they become a customer of ours, you will receive credit equal to a month’s worth of the new customer’s account. If the person you refer pays $45 a month for their plan, you will receive a $45 credit after their 90th day of service.

As temperatures continue to drop through the rest of the year, we hope that you keep warm and that we can continue to serve our customers with high speed internet service. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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