Stephouse Networks News: December 2013

It’s always nice to end a year with great news. December was a great way for us here at Stephouse Networks to complete what was already a big year. In 2013, our team, network, and customer base all grew substantially. For that, we’re very thankful to our new staff and to our loyal communities.

As we start 2014, let’s take a look back at the happenings at Stephouse in December 2013:


Peering, in layman’s terms, is when two networks decide to share information more directly. It means a shorter distance between the two, which ultimately result in faster access between the two networks. You can check out Wikipedia for a more in-depth description of peering.

Peering networks exchange traffic directly, bypassing typical routes.

We have recently started peering with other networks, both in the Northwest area and nationally. We joined the Northwest Access Exchange, an internet exchange based in Portland.

On a more national level, we also entered into a peering agreement with Netflix, which we spotlighted in an earlier blog post this month. Netflix is among the first of what we hope to be many new peering partners whose networks will improve the quality of our service to all of our customers.

Network Improvements

Stephouse Networks is always in the process of upgrading our older equipment and adding in new links, and December was no exception. In December, we bolstered our connection to the Woodland area by adding a second, redundant link to our network.

What does this mean for you? For one, we have effectively doubled our bandwidth to our Woodland customers. This means more bandwidth available, and better performance during peak times.

Not only does this second link improve our performance in the Woodland area, but it also adds a layer of redundancy. In the unlikely case of our primary link to Woodland going out, we have the redundant link to fall back on.

Thank You!

Before we dive head first into the new year, we want to take a second to thank all of our customers for the opportunity to provide high speed internet to your home, business, or event. 2013 was a year of growth and changes for Stephouse Networks, and we hope that we can continue that momentum into 2014.

We’ve already plotted out the beginnings of a roadmap for the year, and we can’t wait to build upon that as the year progresses.

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