Yes, you can use multiple devices with Stephouse Networks.

Yes, you can use multiple devices with Stephouse Networks.

For many of us, high-speed internet service does not start and stop with one device. In the past you’d probably only find a single computer in a home. Nowadays, you can find an assortment of desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, each needing an internet connection. When I think about what I use at home, I count around seven devices that can connect to the internet.

Several of the people I talk with about getting internet service with Stephouse Networks are concerned about using all of their devices. They ask “can I use multiple devices with Stephouse?”, and the answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

How To Use Several Connections At Once (with any internet service really)

If you’re a Stephouse Networks customer and looking to use multiple devices, we’d recommend a wireless router which, in a nutshell, turns one connection into multiple connections. Wireless routers are great, because they can let you connect all sorts of devices—whether it’s a computer, a phone, or e-reader—either by plugging straight in, or connecting wirelessly.

And instead of renting or leasing a wireless router from us, as is the case with many internet service providers, you can use your own. That allows you the flexibility of choosing what router is best for you.

The wireless router is the device that does most of the heavy lifting in regards to letting high-speed internet subscribers use multiple devices with Stephouse Networks, or any high-speed internet provider. It manages the traffic flow of data across the many devices that may be connected to it either wired or wirelessly. Check out our previous piece on routing to learn more.

Finding and Buying a Wireless Router

If you’re in the market for a wireless router, you’ll find that buying wireless router nowadays is easier than ever. Many online retailers and brick-and-mortar electronics stores carry wireless routers that come in all shapes and sizes, fit all sorts of needs, and work within a range of budgets.

If the main goal is to connect multiple devices, you can easily find a wireless router starting at $20. The wireless router I use at home cost about $30 when I first bought it, and has lasted me through several years of faithful service.

Wireless Router
A common wireless router. Photo by Antonio Nicolás Pina

We often get the question “does Stephouse Networks recommend any brand or model of wireless router?”

Generally, no. People’s needs vary so much that it’s hard to recommend something that fits everybody’s budget and usage. The important thing is to identify your budget, and how you want to use the internet in your home.

Regardless of what make or model you go with, the important thing is that you’re able to do what you’d like with the devices you have. After all: it’s your connection!

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