Welcome to Stephouse Networks

If it’s your first time here, then welcome and thank you for checking us out!

Stephouse Networks is a high-speed Internet service provider that serves the Northwest. We have all kinds of service plans available so you can watch your favorite movies and shows, connect with friends and family, play your favorite games, and more.

We are locally  owned and operated, and we continue to grow and expand.

Different service, same results

Line of sight


Stephouse’s Internet service is a little different than cable or DSL providers out there

We deploy our service wirelessly from one of our service towers to a receiver that we may need to implement on-site. As long as there are no trees, buildings or terrain getting in the way of that link, and you’re within coverage range, we’ll be able to provide you with broadband speeds.

Check out how our fixed wireless service compares to fiber optics.

Signing up is a breeze

You can sign up one of two ways:

  1. Check out or pricing: We offer both residential and business packages, as well as offering event coverage. Take a look at the plans that we have available and fill out our quick sign up form. Someone will get back to you with a recommendation and the next steps to getting you started.
  2. Call us! We’re a crew of local Portlanders ready to take your call. 503.548.2000.

We’ll send a technician out to gage signal strengths. The stronger the signal, the more options we can offer. In some select locations we are even offering Gigabit service.

With a great signal, we can install our service right there and get you connected to the web in no time.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. It’s supporters of local business like you who’ve helped Stephouse Networks into our second decade now!

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