When newer customers learn about Stephouse Networks’ high-speed internet service, many learn immediately that we’re different than the other Portland high-speed internet service providers out there. We deploy our service wirelessly, using microwave antennas. Common questions about our service methods involve whether or not we’re the same kind of service as a DSL provider, like Century Link, here in the Northwest:

“Do you need a phone line to use Stephouse?” (No.)
“Do you guys resell DSL service in the area?” (No.)

There’s news about DSL and telephone utility poles and lines that may need maintenance or upkeep within the Portland area. Our community shows us examples of some negative press around this issue, and whether or not our kind of service requires the same amount of costly upkeep over time.

Let’s take a moment to understand what DSL really is, why maintenance is required, and other methods of internet access in the area, like wireless.

A brief description of DSL:

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, runs over home phone lines. It’s a dedicated line to your ISP. It’s access to broadband speeds, which, let’s face it, is a whole lot better than dialup!

DSL allows the user to use both phone and internet at the same time, where dialup usually eats up the entire line. It’s easy to install because most places of residence already have a phone line. One or two quick phone jack adjustments and you’re on your way to broadband!

Unfortunately, DSL isn’t available everywhere. It’s mostly available in areas with dense populations. DSL signals decrease over distance, as well. While you may be able to receive a DSL signal, it gets significantly slower the further away you are from the DSL office.

In other words: if you aren’t right next to the DSL Office, you aren’t receiving the kind of speeds that you could be.

Over the years, utility poles and lines require maintenance. Like anything that needs to face Northwest-style weather conditions, there’s some repair and care that needs to happen. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of controversy as of late as to how frequent that should occur.

Wireless deployment is different.

Wireless ISPs deliver internet access from a tower source to a receiver on-location.

Stephouse Networks deploys service wirelessly, providing service from one of our towers to a receiver that we install at our customer locations. As long as there’s nothing getting in the way of that link, we’re able to provide our customers with high-speed internet services.

Once we create that link, we can provide internet access at a variety of different speeds for home or business.

Rather than maintaining expensive utility poles or wires, we do our routine checkups and servicing on our tower presences and replace and repair customer equipment when needed. We’re proud to reinvest profits into network upkeep. It’s the reason we’re able to build a loyal following in the Northwest over the last ten years.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what all the commotion is about regarding DSL internet and utility poles and lines that you might read about here and there. I also hope it shines some light on the fact that there are other means of signing up for high-speed internet access in the Portland area, other than DSL and dialup.

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