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  2. How It Works
  3. Customer Types
  4. Our Equipment
  5. Internet Speeds & Performance
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Welcome to Stephouse Networks

Stephouse Networks provides high-speed internet services to our Northwest communities. We deliver fast, reliable internet access to you at affordable rates with no contracts or data caps.

It’s simple, high-speed internet access on a network built by people who love the Northwest like you do.

How it Works

Stephouse deploys service wirelessly, from one of our tower sites to your location, where a receiver picks up the connection. As long as there’s nothing in the way of our link, like buildings, terrain, or trees, we can provide you with high-speed internet access.

We send and receive data from one of our towers to a receiver that we install onto your location.

Once set up, Stephouse provides customers with an internet cable to plug into their favorite device or their own personal router to share the connection.

Wham! Internet access.

Customer Types

Stephouse provides high-speed internet services for home, business, and events across a variety of simple, straight-forward service plans.

Common customer types include:

  • Residential Wireless customers
  • Business & Enterprise Wireless customers

Our service methods include wireless deployment to:

  • Individual locations, like homes, workshops, or small business locations.
  • Multi-tenant buildings, like apartments, condominiums, office spaces, large manufacturing buildings, and more.

Which type of customer are you?

Our Equipment

Stephouse Networks is a wireless Internet Service Provider (also known as a wISP). We set up wireless receivers at our customer locations in order to send a receive data.

We lend this equipment to our customers to give them access to the internet.

  • Residential and Business Wireless Customers require a receiver and a small adapter to power that equipment from within the home (inventory: one receiver and one small adapter).
  • Apartment, condo, and office customers: For multi-tenant residential or business locations, we provide our rooftop equipment that receives our signals, wiring it into the building for subscriber use (inventory: an internet cable for use).

Subscribers within a multi-tenant building may require a modem or router combo, depending on the method in which Stephouse connects them to the internet access. We lend these devices to qualifiying customers who require special setup.

NOTE: Customers who seek to network their units up will need their own wired or wireless routers. Our service is compatible with any brand of router, such as Netgear, Cisco, or D-Link.

Internet Speeds and Performance

We know that there are people out there who just want the internet to work. They don’t need bundles, nor long-term contracts into excessive plans that they won’t use most of.

Stephouse Networks has a plan that’s just right for all kinds of internet users.

At Stephouse, our goal is to identify and deliver high-speed internet access that fits our customer’s needs. If all you do is check your email and Google random things, we have a plan for you. If you’re a power user, sending and receiving files for work or hobby all day, we have a plan for you.

How fast is my speed?

Refer to your customer release form to review your high-speed internet plan details. You may also call our Support team as well.

What if I want a faster speed?

We have plans available to fit a variety of internet usage. For a list of our available plans please see our residential and business pricing pages. Simply call the office at (503) 548-2000 during working hours (8AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday) to request a speed change.

Can I stream movies and music on this plan?

It depends on the speed of your internet connection. Every plan will be able to download information from the web. However, the experience differs depending on what kind of speed is available to you.

If you have our 1Mbps plan, you will have some difficulty streaming media across that connection. The media will eventually load, but you will have to wait until large portions of the file download to truly enjoy the content.

We recommend using at least our 3Mbps package for light streaming and the 6Mbps or higher plans for heavier streaming. See our residential or business pricing for more details.

Understanding Our Billing Methods

When’s my billing date?

Your billing date depends on the day of the month in which you begin service. If you start service on the 5th of a month, your billing date will be the 5th of each month afterwards.

We send out invoicing roughly one month before its due date. For example, if your bill is due on the 1st of July, we try to send it out about 30 days prior to that, around the 1st of June.

NOTE: Sometimes this billing cycle causes confusion if we sent out invoices before we received your payment for the last invoice.

Most customers prefer to have more time to pay their bill, so we’ll keep sending the invoices early.

Questions? Concerns? Call us at (503) 548-2000 or e-mail to to clear things up.

How do I pay my bill?

Stephouse Networks bills customers by email as a default setting. It’s a way for us to encourage sustainable practices where and when we can, even as a smaller business. We can set up paper billing for our customers by request.

When you receive your bill, you can mail us a check or call in to make a payment by credit or debit card. If you prefer to mail us a check, include the payment voucher and make the check out to:

Stephouse Networks
921 SW Washington Street #224
Portland, OR 97205

If you prefer to call in to make a payment, we can hold onto your credit or debit card information to make your calls a bit quicker each month.

You may pay your bill online. Just enter your account number and account email to log in!

Our autopay feature provides the easiest method of bill payment. Call in and we’ll keep a valid credit or debit card on file, deducting your bill from the card on each billing date. We require your authorization to do this, so even if you make an initial card payment with a Field Service Technician, you still have to call us to start autopay as that card information is not stored.

NOTE: Be sure to include accurate billing information if you pay by credit or debit card.

If your service delivery address is different than the address you receive mail at or have associated with your financial institution, your payments may not go through.

All it takes is a quick call or e-mail to to update this information.

What else should I know about my account?

E-mail addresses: All accounts must have a valid e-mail address. From letting you know about expired cards or declined payments, to giving you advance notification about network maintenance, e-mail is how we notify our customers about the status of their account and internet service. We never share or sell e-mail addresses with other companies and only use your e-mail to communicate with you directly regarding your account, and on a quarterly basis ask for customer feedback, or notify customers of important news about Stephouse.

Customers paying by Credit, Debit or autopay: Please note that if your service address is different than the address you use with your financial institution, please call in to add a billing address. A mismatch of this information may lead to payments getting declined. For customers using auto-pay, please note that if your payment card expires, you will need to call in to update that information, even if the card number is the same.

Please do not disregard e-mails from Stephouse Networks indicating that you have a past-due balance as it may be due to us being unable to process your card.

We make every effort to reach customers when any of these billing errors occurs, however, due to the volume of calls that need to be made with this issue it is possible that we will not get back to you before your account becomes “past-due”. Please make sure that we are on your contact list for when you get new cards or change billing/banking info, and everything will be smooth sailing!

Technical Support & Troubleshooting

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your high-speed internet service, please visit our technical support page to learn more about how our service works and to discover some simple, common solutions to everyday wireless problems.

For deeper technical support, please give our support line at a call at (503) 548-2000, and choose the Support department.

As of 2015, our current support hours are 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. Feel free to contact the team after office hours about any issues that may arise at

About Stephouse Networks

Our mission is to provide high-speed internet service to our local Northwest community.

Thank you to the Northwest for your support over the last decade.

Over the years, our communities tell us about burdensome big-brand internet and complicated contracts and bundles. They speak of frustrating customer service and alienation when seeking technical solutions.

The Stephouse team listened and continued to build a different kind of network for our community.

As a small business, we have the luxury of being more nimble and responsive to customer needs and network challenges. We lack red tape or hoops to jump that you’d find at other big business ISP alternatives.

We want what you want—a simple, affordable way to access the internet. We have been providing internet solutions for Portland and the surrounding area for over 10 years now and look forward to serving you in the future.

Contact Us

What is your email?

For general inquiries, email us at
For billing, reach us at
For technical support, we’re available at

What is your phone number?

Reach our office at (503) 548-2000 from 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday.

How else can we keep in touch?

Keep in touch with the Stephouse Networks team and receive updates or behind-the-scenes looks on our social media channels:

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